How to make Ice Cream Rolls

Instruction Manual / Tutorial

This instruction manual / tutorial assumes using our Ice Cream Rolls Premix.


Making the perfect Ice Cream Rolls takes some practice, there are several different factors that will influence the result. It will take a few tries, but we’re sure that you will enjoy our Premix and the taste of your Ice Cream Rolls.


Follow this instruction manual to get the best results when making Ice Cream Rolls. 

Take some time to read it carefully, and follow the instruction step by step. 


Enjoy and happy rolling!

Step 1:


stir the Ice Cream Rolls Premix
  • you will need a bowl and a whisk to prepare the premix
  • add 1 kg of the Ice Cream Rolls Premix Powder to 3,5 l of milk (use fresh milk with high fat to make the Ice Cream Rolls creamier. To create your own flavors you also can mix the Ice Cream Rolls Premix powder with juice, lemonade, tea, coffee etc.)
  • stir it extensively
  • let it rest for 10 minutes


(if you chose "Fruit Neutral" add 1 kg of the Premix Powder to 1,5 l of water or juice)

Step 2:


set the Ice Cream Rolls machine -30°C
  • start your Ice Cream Rolls machine
  • set the desired temperature (the temperature depends on your surroundings. Try out several temperature settings. The colder the better, but if you can't remove the frozen ice cream base from the plate the temperature is set too cold).
  • wait until the adjusted temperature is reached
  • don't forget to wear clean and sterile gloves

Step 3:


Ice Cream Rolls Premix Base Recipe
  • choose the ingredients
  • place the ingredients in the middle of the plate
  • pour 110 ml of the prepared Ice Cream Rolls Premix on top of the ingredients
  • notice: Ice Cream Rolls with different ingredients will have different consistency. Fruits just can be added in small amounts, because the water inside the fruits will make the Ice Cream Rolls brittle.

Step 4:


chop Ice Cream Rolls chopping
  • use two scraper to chop the ingredients
  • while chopping be sure that the scrapers are in contact with each other
  • grind the ingredients as much as possible

Step 5:


chopping ice cream
  • take some extra time for chopping
  • longer chopping will make the ice cream base airier and the Ice Cream Rolls will be creamier

Step 6:


spreading ice cream rolls base liquid
  • spread the chopped ice cream base thin and evenly
  • build a rectangle with straight edges
  • use a little pressure to spread it on the pan as thin as possible
  • spread it until it is totally frozen and until it looks dull

Step 7:


rolling ice cream
  • take one scraper in both hands
  • put one hand at the handle and use the other hand to stabilize the scraper while rolling the ice cream
  • place the scraper upright at the edge of the spreaded ice cream base
  • push the scraper forward with force to roll up the ice cream base into Ice Cream Rolls
  • if the ice cream base sticks, push the defrost button/pedal for a couple of seconds to release the ice cream from the frozen plate

Step 8:


serve the Ice Cream Rolls into a cup
  • grab the Ice Cream Rolls with a tong and put them into a cup
  • be careful not to crush the Ice Cream Rolls with the tong
  • place the Ice Cream Rolls upright in the cup

Step 9:


Ice Cream Rolls toppings and whipped cream

add some toppings like:

  • whipped cream
  • sauce
  • sprinkles
  • fruits
  • cookies
  • chocolate
  • sweets
  • whatever you like


On the table you might find answers to your problems.

If you have further questions just contact us by email:


The ice cream base doesn't freeze set the temperature of the machine colder
The ice cream base sticks to the plate set the temperature of the machine warmer
work faster and try to roll the ice cream base to rolls directly after spreading
before rolling the ice cream activate the defrost button/pedal for a few seconds
The ice cream base slips up the scraper while rolling set the temperature of the machine colder
after spreading the ice cream base on the plate wait until it looks dull
The Ice Cream Rolls are not creamy take more time for chopping to get more air inside the ice cream base
try to add fresh milk with high fat instead of water
The Ice Cream Rolls are brittle or break use less ingredients (especially less fruits)
mix less liquid with the Premix Powder
set the plate a few degrees warmer
The Ice Cream Rolls are too thick spread the ice cream base thinner on the plate
chop the ingredients more thoroughly
The rolls do not have a symmetrical shape make sure to spread the ice cream base into a rectangle with straight edges laterally
place and push the scraper as straight as possible while rolling the ice cream