Ice Cream Rolls - Premix Powder (vegan)

Flavor: neutral (sweetish)

1 kg Premix Powder = 38 Servings (of ≈ 110 ml Premix)


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MILK NEUTRAL | Ice Cream Rolls - Premix Powder

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Ice Cream Rolls Premix Powder Recipe
Prepared Premix



Preparation: 1 kg of powder to 3,5 l oat milk

(also miscible with other plant based milk, tea or juice to create your own premix flavors)

Result:  4,2 l of Ice Cream Rolls Premix

Quantity per 1 kg powder: 38 servings (of ≈ 110 ml Premix)

Recommended ingredients: various 

(fruits only additionally in small amounts)

  • special formula to roll the Ice Cream Rolls base
  • fast and easy preparation
  • creamy ice cream taste, always consistent
  • high quality standards / made in Germany
  • long durability / no cooling (saves energy)
  • low cost per serving
  • 100% vegan
Ice Cream Rolls Premix Powder Recipe
Ice Cream Rolls - Premix Powder (Vegan Neutral)

Conversion - Premix Powder:

1 Box      = 6 Bags
1 Bag = 1 kg
1 kg = 1.000 g
1 kg  35 oz
1 kg  2,2 lb

Conversion - Liquid:

3,5 l         = 3.500 ml
3,5 l 118 fl oz
3,5 l  15 cups
3,5 l  6,2 pt
3,5 l  0,93 gal

Product Informations:

Ingredients: coconut milk, coconut milk powder, coconut cream powder, sugar, vegetable thickening flour guar gum

Nutrition Information (Ø per 100 g Premix Powder): Energy 520,5 kcal/2.169, kJ, Fat 23,0 g, Carbohydrates 72,0g, Protein 2,0 g

Allergens Information: none (gluten free)

Vegetarian: suitable for vegetarian

Vegan: suitable for vegan

Storage: in unopened original packaging, dry and protected from light at room temperature

Expiry Date: at least 12 months from date of production, in unopended original packaging, dry and protected from light at room temperature

Consumption: store the prepared Premix in the refrigerator and consume within 24 hours, when not refrigerated the premix should only be stored for direct consumption for a maximum of 1 hour

Made in Germany


- this product is not suitable for industrial processing

- decoration is not the scope of services


- Europe only

- details:

- more than 31.5 kg are considered as bulky goods

- 480,00 kg is the maximum shipping quantity per product (additionally ordered products will be sent as a new package to the corresponding costs)

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